Saturday, September 5, 2015

Carrying Money Implies Guilt

Cash, through the assumption of criminal activity - such as money laundering, can be confiscated throughout the euro zone if it exceeds €10,000. Clearly Snoop Dogg, a rapper/entertainer and not a legal expert in the EU rules, was carrying slightly more than the maximum allowed.

Snoop would likely be surprised that Americans have been fighting to limit or reverse similar forfeiture laws for years.

Headline: Italian police seize money from Snoop Dogg at airport

CNN)Snoop Dogg left Italy $205,000 lighter on Saturday after police seized money from him at an airport in Calabria.

During a normal check at Lamezia Terme, the rapper was found with $422,820 in U.S. cash, a police source told CNN. The maximum amount of cash that passengers traveling through Italy can carry without declaring it is €10,000 ($11,010.25). The rules were put in place to prevent money laundering.



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