Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Established Political Class Becoming Irrelevant For 2016

States face with large budgetary holes produced by decades of excess. History tells us they will attempt to maintain their influence through increased taxation, licensing, and fees rather than proactively reduce their size and scope. If the schools, using old and tired methods, become uncompetitive, throw more taxpayer money at the problem rather than focus on performance. Funding for essential services such as police, fire, and roads have been neglected for years, yet public funding for stadiums, arenas, and other non-essential private sector enterprises are often green-lighted regardless of the long-term consequences for the gullible taxpayer (1,2,3,4). While mainstream media is fighting hard too keep the established political class relevant in the 2016, they cannot see that the people, the drive force of change, aren't listening to their rants. Trump is making the other candidates irrelevant no so much for his political skills but rather who he's not - a professional politician. The prevailing attitude of "throw the bums out!" has the GOP establishment candidate falling in the polls.  Few other the public seem to understand why.

Headline: States raising taxes, fees and debt to pay for road repairs

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) — While Congress remains stalled on a long-term plan for funding highways, state lawmakers and governors aren't waiting around.

Nearly one-third of the states have approved measures this year that could collectively raise billions of dollars through higher fuel taxes, vehicle fees and bonds to repair old bridges and roads and relieve traffic congestion, according to an analysis by The Associated Press.



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