Thursday, August 6, 2015

A Growing Minority Calls For Germany To Leave The Euro

A third and most likely futile bailout of Greece could come by the end of the month. This move would come as non-official calls for Germany, not Greece, to leave the Euro build. A growing minority is beginning to recognize the under reported and building economic strains across not only Europe (and global economy) but also individual countries within the EU such as Italy and France. Italy and France are too big to save and fail.

Either German leaves the Euro and return to the Mark, thus, leaving the Euro devalue among its economically weaker members, or a debt contagion, spreading throughout the globe, is inevitable. Is anyone listening here? A proactive German exit would require new leadership. New leadership usually doesn't come until the existing systems (economic, political, and social) implode.

Headline: EU Commission: Third bailout deal with Greece possible before August 20

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Talks with Greece on a third bailout are moving ahead in a satisfactory way and reaching an agreement is possible before August 20, the European Commission said on Thursday.

The Commission comments were in response to remarks by a German government official in the Bild daily, that reaching a deal by Aug 20, when Greece has to buy back 3.5 billion euros of its bonds from the European Central Bank, was "not achievable".



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