Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Soap Opera Known As The 2016 Presidential Campaign Has Started

Donald Trump, an unconventional Presidential candidate that has yet to offer much in the way of solutions to the coming economic crisis, is certainly smart enough to tap growing sentiment against the professional politician. It won't be long before the majority views the solution of austerity - the policies of never-ending tax increases to close budget gaps that only widen over time as nothing more than rhetoric to occupy the minds of children. The soap opera known as the 2016 Presidential campaign will be full of unexpected twists and turns.

Headline: Clinton would double capital gains tax on short-term investments: WSJ

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton will propose nearly doubling the U.S. capital gains tax rate on short-term investments to 39.6 percent, the Wall Street Journal reported Friday.

A Clinton campaign official said the plan would affect investments held between one and two years, which are currently taxed at a 20 percent capital gains rate, the newspaper reported.



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