Friday, July 10, 2015

Taxes Rising Everywhere As Socialism Fails

Taxes everywhere - Illinois (Chicago), Indiana, Tennessee (see headline below), Georgia (Atlanta) and even Texas, a stronghold of conservative values, are beginning to rise as socialism, the bribing of society for votes and influence unravels, shrinks, and losses favor with the majority.  Greek negotiations, an exercise of futility backed by austerity to support a flawed currency design, reveals an even more aggressive trend. Few experts recognize the similarities between today's austerity and Hoover's balanced budget during the early stages of the Great Depression.  Though rugged individualism and balanced budgets (yesterday's austerity) failed to rescue the US and global economic from a vicious cycle of contracting money supply, economic activity, investment, etc, it will, somehow, work today?

Human behavior, predominantly driven by greed and fear, ensures that today's solutions, while similar to the past, will continue until the system collapses toward maximum entropy.  The transition of human systems and or institutions from order (low entropy) to disorder (high entropy) is generally painful for those that fight natural cycles and flows (swim against the current) through personal biases and opinions.

Headline: City commissioners approve tax hike in split vote

Tallahassee city commissioners on a 3-2 vote Wednesday approved an increase in the city property tax rate for next year, but they remain far from reaching a consensus on a spending plan.

The approved property tax rate equates to a 23-percent increase as opposed to the 27-percent increase City Manager Anita Favors Thompson presented to commissioners two weeks ago.



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