Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Solution to Greek Crisis Won't Be Driven by Today's Leaders

This line of reasoning shows us that the solution to the Greek crisis won't be driven by either Brussels (inflexible stance towards the Euro) or Syriza government (don't rock the boat just yet). This is why change, governed by human behavior that's resistant to change, is driven by CRISIS.

In other words, plan ahead, spread your money around. When the crisis becomes bloody obvious, you won't be able to react.

Headline: Greece seeks three-year loan, pledges to enact reforms next week

ATHENS (Reuters) - Greece promised to implement pension and tax reforms as early as next week as the first step to securing a three-year rescue loan to cover debt obligations, according to a letter requesting the funding from European partners on Wednesday.

In the letter sent to the European bailout fund released by the government, Greece also pledges to honour its financial obligations and detail by Thursday reforms proposals for evaluation by the creditors.



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