Sunday, July 5, 2015

Greece Vote Begins

Greek vote today to decide their fate in the Euro. Polls, likely unreliable, show an even split between Yes and No.

The youth, devastated by a deteriorating economy and high unemployment, will be voting No. Older generations, groups heavily vested in the unrealistic promises of the past, will most likely vote Yes. The same type of divide was seen in the Scottish vote for Independence that many have forgotten as old news. While the youth may lose another battle (vote), their voice, fueled by rising discontent throughout not only Greece but also Europe, will gain supporters as cash is restricted and the global economy becomes undeniably weak by 2016.

Headline: Greece votes in referendum with future in euro in doubt

ATHENS (Reuters) - Greeks voted on Sunday whether to accept or reject the tough terms of an aid offer to stave off financial collapse, in a referendum that may determine their future in Europe’s common currency.

Held against a backdrop of default, shuttered banks and threats of financial apocalypse, the vote was too close to call and looked certain to herald yet more turbulence whichever way it went.



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