Friday, July 3, 2015

Discontent For Austerity Spreading Across Europe

The seeds of discontent are not restricted to Greece. As vicious cycle of deflation, unemployment, and social unrest spread within the EU like an uncontrollable cancer, other EU members, such as Austria, will be debating or fighting about an exit. More than 260,00 Austrians have signed a petition urging the government to leave the EU. In time, rising discontent throughout Europe will be difficult for even the 'selective' media to ignore.

Headline: Over 260,000 Austrians sign petition on EU exit

More than 260,000 people in Austria have signed a petition urging the Austrian government to leave the European Union (EU).

According to reports on Thursday, as many as 261,159 Austrians signed the petition. The number in total represents 4.12 percent of the country's electorate.

Since under the country's regulations the threshold for calling a debate on a potential referendum is 100,000 people, the Austrian parliament must discuss a referendum on leaving the EU.



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