Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Declining Standard of Livings

Nations and cities around the world will face financial and economic strain as the global economy turns undeniable down by 2016. The private sector will be expected to foot the bill unless the public sector shrinks in sympathy with contraction; that rarely happens voluntarily ahead of crisis. Until then, standard of livings, such as the luxury of insuring vehicles in high-risk cities, maintains its steady decline while the majority mostly complains to neighbors and friends.

Headline: Nearly half of Detroit motorists 'driving dirty'

Like most Americans, the drivers of Detroit are required to carry auto insurance whenever they get behind the wheel, but many law-abiding residents can't afford the Motor City's highest-in-the-nation auto premiums, which top $5,000 a year in some neighborhoods.

So fully half of Detroit drivers do what's known locally as "driving dirty" -- taking to the streets without any coverage. It's practically a tradition here.



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