Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Teenagers, Adults, and Pets Losing Confidence In American Dream

The American dream, the unbridled prospect of opportunity, freedom, and upward social mobility, encouraged not only teenagers but also the huddled masses from all walks of life to choose the United States as a place to live, work, and discover. How that dream has changed. An ever increasing policy of fairness, first implemented during the Great Depression as a means to protect the public, has slowly turned this dream into a nightmare of divestment, rising unemployment (including underemployment), and declining opportunities for the descendents that risked everything for the chance to discover it.

The invisible hand will correct these trends by smashing the infrastructure that supports the new American nightmare. This process, defined consistently throughout history, will be painful even for those prepared.

Headline: Teenagers are losing confidence in the American dream

In 1996, when asked a series of questions about the brightness of her future, one high-school senior in an unnamed Midwestern state said, “There’s been extraordinary examples of people that have been poor and stuff that have risen to the top just from their personal hard work … not everybody can do that, I realize, but I think a lot of people could if they just tried.”

In 2011, a survey with identically worded questions was done in the same state, with the same age group. “You can always work hard, but if you aren’t given the opportunity or you don’t have the funds to be able to continue working hard then you never get the chance to get out of where you are,” said one student.



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