Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Greek Offer Violates The Will Of The People

The Greek proposal, a mixture of higher taxes and welfare cares, taxes the patience of all Greeks that elected Tsipras on the promise to end austerity. The trend of supporting creditors/Brussels at the expense of the people, a move supported by President Hoover during the Great Depression, will likely force another election or worse; Hoover's austerity policies paved the way for a Roosevelt in 1932.

The solution to the euro zone crisis will not be austerity. Leaders must adapt, or they will be replaced by the will of the people. Pressure of Greek to leave will intensify as the global economy, struggling to maintain its head above water while most of the world praises its strength, turns down later in 2015.

Headline: Greek offer to creditors runs into angry backlash at home

By Jamie McGeever

ATHENS (Reuters) - Greek lawmakers reacted angrily on Tuesday to concessions Athens offered in debt talks and parliament's deputy speaker warned the proposals would struggle to win approval, puncturing optimism that a deal to lift Greece out of crisis might be quickly sealed.

European leaders on Monday welcomed the new budget proposals from Athens as a basis for a possible agreement to unlock frozen aid and avert a default that could trigger a Greek exit from the euro zone



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