Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Greece close to a deal-so why is the euro falling?

The invisible hand anticipates rather than reacts news. Investors either understands/embraces this reality or forever chases their tails reacting to headlines long discounted by price (and trends). The Euro, already looking past the Greece deal, recognizes that the repacking 'new' reforms is still austerity. Austerity, the transfer of production from Greece to creditors, has been sending the Greek economy into the black hole of contraction, falling tax revenues, deflation, and rising social discontent.

The Euro (Review of Euro) will transition from cause (building) to mark down long before the highly reactionary public recognizes there's a real crisis unfolding.

Headline: Greece close to a deal-so why is the euro falling?

As stock markets around the world rally on hopes that the Greek crisis might soon be resolved, the euro has moved in the opposite direction, to the surprise of some market-watchers.

The euro (Exchange: EUR=) has fallen over 1.5 percent against the dollar since the beginning of the week, to trade around 1.1184 at London market close Tuesday.



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