Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Never Assume Straight Line Moves Within Geometric World


copper. Cool idea! Sorry to see only 14 votes. But I like the way you've been cranking out the concise, formatted reviews. You would post it anyway. :)

Silver followed copper's last uptick. Of course I want to watch copper. The more interesting part is that it happened on a Wednesday after the COT report was put to bed for the week.



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The higher the stock market soars, the more likely the Fed raise rates. Those investing based on constructs created from the previous cycle, i.e. the majority, will view the rate hike as bad for the economy and stocks. Smart money, lurking quietly in the shadows, will fade this logic.

The economy, as defined by the Economic Activity Composite (EAC), is already contracting. If the Fed 'cared' only about the economy, why is the discussion stuck on rate hikes?

 Watch how the invisible hand reacts to copper's countertrend rally. The majority will be distracted by headlines promoting the Fed's great reflation trade.


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