Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Global Economic Implosion Eludes The Majority in The Age of Viral Communication

The global economic implosion from the periphery (even Puerto Rico) to the core has to be one of the least covered stories of modern history.  Those sounding the economic alarm and not stereotyped as 'crazy' doomsday forecasters are rarer than parent objectivity at a youth sporting event. The progression of this implosion, unfolding in plain sight within the age of viral communication, continues to elude the majority.

Headline: UPDATE 6-Puerto Rico to appeal restructuring law ruling

Feb 9 (Reuters) - Puerto Rico said on Monday it would appeal a U.S. ruling that voided the island's restructuring law, saying it left the U.S. commonwealth in legal limbo and struggling to find a way to manage its debt load.



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