Thursday, January 1, 2015

Taxing Our Way To Prosperity

The demise of the global economy, a progressive economic contraction from the periphery to the core economies, will be driven by confidence - or lack thereof. The destruction of investment, debt, and capital since 2007 has dwarfed QE on both sides of the Atlantic. Raising taxes in the face of economic weakness, the opposite of what Maynard Keynes advocated, only supports this trend until the dollar-based core finally implodes. After that, the system will be redesigned to prevent it from happening again. Those schooled by rhetoric rather than history will believe this promise.

Headline: New gas tax takes effect Jan. 1

SAN DIEGO — As 2014 comes to an end, so may the downward trend of gas prices. A new gas tax is about to take effect at the start of the New Year and it could add a significant amount at the pump.

“California has second highest gasoline tax in the nation now, before this new tax kicks in,” said Richard Rider of San Diego Tax Fighters. “We’ll be No. 1 easily when new tax kicks in.”



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