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Friday, May 10, 2013

Capital Is Fleeing As The Probability of Widespread Bail-Ins Increases

Capital fleeing an increasing probability of widespread, standardized bail-ins is leaving from not only Europe but also Japan. As the flight of capital from the Ruble preceded the Russian financial crisis in 1998, it will also lead both the Euro and Yen crisis of 2015-2020 - not necessarily in that order.  This flight of capital, despite similar problems in the US, continues to support the dollar and sending US stocks to all-time highs even as global economic growth slows at the margin.

Chart:  Japanese Yen ETF (FXY)

Headline: Yen slumps to four-year low against dollar

LONDON (Reuters) - The yen sank to a four-year low against the dollar and a three-year trough against the euro on Friday after data showed Japanese investors had begun buying foreign bonds

Buoyant U.S. jobs data a day earlier also eased fears of a slowdown in the world's largest economy.



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