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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Invisible Hand Continues Accumulating Weakness In Gold

A rising gold DI says the invisible hand has buying weakness since October 2012.  As of 02/05/13, it reads 38.  A push above 58 would likely occur on further weakness, but there are exceptions to this rule. Bottom line, the invisible hand is fading pessimism (accumulating gold) as the window of opportunity to push price lower closes. This combination inevitably leads to trend reversals.

Chart: Gold London P.M Fixed and Gold Diffusion Index (DI)


Great commentary, thank you. My guess is that we see the 13DEMA go down to 0 (I had predicted that it would go into the date area on your chart if that was possible, implying a negative reading, while understanding that is impossible) and that the DI index goes above 58. It would make sense to me that we have another last push down before the TIME window closes measured by the GLD EMA. The increasing fear and impatience will result in more apples falling from the tree resulting in a higher diffusion reading. Given how my clients are calling me this week, I would expect that we are getting close to another reversal.

So many people seem to believe that any action, even the wrong action, is better than just sitting sit in stressful situations.

The Gorilla was a nice touch on the 13DEMA chart, although you could have located him down and to the right of green average date and price of end of the B-wave numbers for more readers to notice.

I liked to play Donkey Kong back in the day…


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