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Monday, December 31, 2012

The Flexibility of Time


Einstein proved that time is relative. That is, time passes more slowly for individuals traveling near the speed of light than someone on Earth. Time is also relative in the investment world. For example, time passes more slowly within the core economy than it does on its periphery; investors buying gold in Greece, Spain, Italy, etc have a completely different sense of TIME than US buyers.

Much of the investment world adheres to the old view Newtonian view that time is constant. It's not. The theory of relatively, however, rejects fixed TIME.  Hawkins even suggests time could be imaginary, in that, it runs in a different direction than what we understand as the movement from past to present (left to right).  Time could run perpendicular to what we understand as past, present, and future.

The take home message about TIME is flexibility. Saying Time is running out may give the appearance of fixed when it's not.  Perhaps this better explains why I often use the term windows of opportunity to describe TIME.

I realize this explanation of TIME likely generates more questions than it answers, but I figured this door needed to be shown at some point.



Thank you for your postings today. For the average investor/advisor, the two things they measure are both price and time. They know whether they have made or lost money, and if they have lost money, how long they have been invested with that result. It is interesting to me that neither price nor time are “positive” indicators in your work. In fact, I have come to think that they are negative indicators, using a definition that means positive indicators facilitate the investor taking correct actions and negative indicators facilitate the investor to take the wrong action.

It is good that TIME as you define it does have an end to it, and that it is running out. Whether that is in January or April or June really makes no difference. Could you provide a link to a posting you may have done in the past that defines TIME? I don’t know that I have that, or that you have done one.

It does occur to me that the most important thing is to be invested when TIME runs out at the B wave bottom. I may not be able to do use your tools combined with mine as well as I would like to now, but that is one thing that I can definitely control…being fully invested when TIME is up!


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