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Monday, November 19, 2012

The Human Tendency Toward Profligacy

I've presented a road map for gold during what I call the AB transition in great detail for the community.  While today's transition will follow the cycle of time and concentration like its predecessors, it will nevertheless still be unique.  Only those standing on the sidelines towards the end of the C-wave advance will be discussing the holes in my analysis.

For those that doubt gold's secular trend, let's be clear what they're doubting....

Aristotle once wrote,

Profligacy, more than cowardice, appears to be something voluntary, since it occurs through pleasure, whereas the latter occurs through pain.  Pleasure is what we deliberately choose, but we try to avoid pain.  Indeed, pain undoes a man and corrupts his nature; but pleasure does nothing so violent.

Profligacy, then, is more voluntary.  That is why it is more blameworthy than cowardice.  It is easier to get accustomed to pleasure:  there are many things in life like that, and getting accustomed to them is not dangerous; whereas there is danger in the case of the fearful, and in getting used to that.

Those that doubt the secular trend, doubt that centralized profligacy can be discussed, terminated, distributed among the majority without a significant fight.  Even a cursory study of past empires reveals the fallacy of this argument.

If Aristotle were alive today, he would likely be first to say that the sh*t must hit the fan before real change can happen.


Today’s chart looks very similar to the chart you published on August 18th at.

Both were published before an expected announcement from our “economic leaders.”

One could expect a similar outcome in gold’s price action.

I find keeping a notebook of your “Insights” to be most helpful in learning how to interpret and use the information that you share with us.

Is the SA approaching 80% again like it did in May?


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