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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

AB Transition In Gold

The highest price after the D-wave bottom marks the end of the A-wave rally.  Usually this high is registered after three counts of ebb and flo.  The transition from A-wave rally to B-wave "decline", if viewed in terms of price only, can be down, sideways, or up.  Price, however, is NOT the focus of this AB transition.

The AB transition is all about paper control and time.  The B-wave bottom occurs when the invisible hand regains control.  That usually coincides with the cycle of time.  Shortly after control of the trend has been passed from weak to strong hands, the high-powered C-wave rally begins with the least amount of participants.

The invisible hand manages the gold trend, because the focus on price is nearly absolute in the investment world.

Hi Eric,

In viewing your analysis/chart, am I correct in believing the A wave chop leading to a B wave bottom is mostly a side-ways, range-bound phenomenon?  It appears the more powerful the overall move, the more shallow the B wave decline?

If you and Jim believe this move to be heading well over 2000, perhaps into the 3000s, we should be looking at a fairly shallow B wave decline, no?

Best regards,


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