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Monday, December 19, 2011

Monster Breakout of 2010 Already Forgotten

Those that compress the time shorter than 2015 could very well see dispair rather than potential. F-TV headlines have been working overtime to paint gold and gold shares as dead. Judging by the tone of the mailbox, repetition of the message and a general inability to refute surface arguments has only agumented the growing doubt that the gold train has broken down.

How easily the monster breakout in 2010 has been forgotten and replaced by headline fear.

S&P Gold (Formerly Precious Metals Mining)*


My turnip truck analyst (ie my gut;> ) says that the numbers need to look good for year end. That means a s&p rally, smash in commodities especially PMs and oil.

Man. My miners have taken a beating. I guess the gold train has broken down for now.

But, come january, things will be different.



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